Outsourced IT Services

Delectis is an outsourced IT services provider offering front-office and back-office outsourcing operations.

As a registered member of the Ghana National Chamber of Commerce & Industry, we offer both local and offshore outsourcing services.

Our outsourced IT services are delivered over the internet via remote support by secure remote management tools, trouble tickets, phone and email. 

Benefits of our Outsourced IT services

Low OpEx/CapEx – Cost Reductions

  • The human resource services of IT specialist and services we offer are far more cheaply but competitive as compared to when most firms would be able to do so themselves.

Flexibility and Speed

  • We provide staffing with the know-how and onboard new staff for your business as and when needed in the shortest possible time. As our customer, you can focus on your core business whiles we take care of other things. We provide 24/7 services which ensures your business and your clients get the needed support all time.


  • Delectis ensures you focus on your core business and tap into existing supply chains.

Talent acquisition

  • Depending on your overseas locations, our team can have engineers all around to support your business.

Some of the most critical areas that we have deployed our  Outsourced IT services are:

  • Microsoft 365 Suite Administration and Support
  • Customer Service Helpdesk System – Implementation, Operation and Support
  • Customer Support Center (Call Center) – Implementation, Operation and Support
  • Microsoft Power Automate Implementation and Support
  • Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Infrastructure Design, Implementation and dayto day support
  • Backup and Recovery Implementation and Testing
  • Database and Web Application Development
  • Backup and Recovery Services with Encryption
  • Network and System Surveillance and L1 Support
  • Network and System Surveillance and L2 & L3 Support
  • Remote Security Operations Center(SoC)
  • Cybersecurity Support (Virtual Computer Emergency and Response Team)